VolleyMetrics Is Born

Becoming fundamentally better in any sport requires honing in on the important things that determine success. That's how VolleyMetrics began.

After a fourth-place finish with the Italian men's team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, our founders were inspired by Michael Lewis's book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. They asked "Why can't we do analytics in volleyball?"

In collaboration with some of the most respected minds in sports statistics who are now on our board of advisers, we developed advanced models and analytics that give insight into how team fundamentals and performance improve. We began to use these analytics with the U.S. women's national team in the 2012 London Olympics, culminating in a silver place finish.

With validation from the London Olympics, VolleyMetrics was born, providing easy-to-use breakdown solutions that help teams become fundamentally better.

Now, join our growing network made up of thousands of users who are easily sharing video with each other for all sort of purposes. Match preparation, player development, recruiting, and much more.

Our Mission.

Improve sports by allowing coaches to spend their time doing what they do best - coaching. And providing them with cutting edge technology and performance analysis.


The Vision Of Our CEO

We are in the era of ever evolving technology, endless data, information overload. I know by experience that many teams-if not most-have staff members dedicated to gathering and analyzing data. A good number of schools have gone as far as hiring full time staff members in that position (Director of Operations, Managers, Video Coordinators, etc.) who focus on gathering, analyzing, and delivering reports to the actual coaches. I was one of those individuals at the club, college, and international levels for many years.

VolleyMetrics was born to eliminate the resources needed to go through the now hundreds of hours of video available thanks to technology. We believe that more information improves the level of the game, of practice, and of the sport overall, it can be overwhelming to make sense of all the data and turn them into actionable insights. We leave that in the hands of the coaches, who can make more informed decisions based on them.

VolleyMetrics-in the simplest of terms-acts as a video coordinator for all of its teams; watching video, collecting data, tagging events, and making sense of all the information by quickly and readily delivering it to each team (not always in a perfect way since it is a very challenging task). The cameras improve the video quality and speed of video exchange, the online portal allows access to indexed video to coaches and athletes 24/7, the statistics on the portal allow for quick overviews of each team, and advanced reports provide a deeper understanding of your team and of your opponents.

Thanks for believing in what we are building.

Giuseppe Vinci

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Meet the VolleyMetrics Team

Team corley

Corley Bagley

Director of Analytics

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Tom Eagar


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Spencer Evans

Support Specialist

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Brooke Taylor Frazier

Customer Success Manager

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Dave Giles

Software Engineer

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Moi Gutierrez

IOS Developer

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Austin Hayden

Development, Founder

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Bri Hintze

Director of Marketing

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Rob Neilson

Business Development

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Tori Phillips

Administrative Assistant

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Jacquelyn Slade


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Brad Stapleton

Software Engineer

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Giuseppe Vinci

CEO & Founder

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Brett Ware

Statistical Analyst

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Tyler Widdison

Lead Analyst

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