We Are Beach Volleyball

Experience the VolleyMetrics Advantage that Olympics medalists, NCAA champions, and teams all over the world are talking about.

We Play At Your Level

We work with every level of competition, from high school to college to Olympic and in between. Our platform makes it easier than ever to watch yourself, study your team's statistics, and tap into your opponents' strengths and weaknesses.

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We track every touch (every single one)

  • Built for beach volleyball
  • We tag the video for you
  • Our analysts record every serve, pass, set attack and all other touches
  • Each touch is synchronized with video
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  • Testimonial6

    Marcio Sicoli

    Gold Medal Coach, London 2012

    "VolleyMetrics makes dealing with video the easiest thing you can imagine."

See whatever you want

  • Pinpoint specific events with our super in-depth filter
  • Example: you defender's drive digs
  • See them in any set, whether it's a kill or error, and more
  • Comment tools allow for meaningful feedback in real time
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We geek out on the numbers

  • We give you the right things to look at
  • Access basic and advanced stats specific to beach for you and opponents
  • Benchmarks to show how you stack up against rivals
  • Our tactical reports can be personalized like you wouldn't believe
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Easily share your matches

  • Matches or practices can be manually or automatically uploaded
  • Yes you read that correctly
  • We handle league exchange rules and the exchange itself
  • Video sharing so easy your grandma can do it
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We do more to help you go farther

Experience the VolleyMetrics Advantage. We provide you with better visual information than any other source in order to answer important questions such as which skill each player should focus on, what your best lineup is, what to train in practice, and so forth.

Quickly access your matches, schedule, team accounts, statistics, etc. through our dashboard and maybe go more in-depth purchasing our advanced reports which have quickly become our coaches' favorite feature.

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