Club Events

We attend, film, and analyze select events across the nation and make them available on our platform. With our recruiting services, you can identify more prospects, qualify them through video and key performance metrics, and achieve more commitments.

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Upcoming Events

Triple Crown, February 2017, Salt Lake City, UT

Tour of Texas Finals, March 2017, Austin, TX

Lone Star Classic, April 2017, Dallas, TX

Girls Junior Nationals, June 25 - July 4 2017, Minneapolis, MN

High Performance Championships, July 2017, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Discounts available, up to 15%, if multiple events are purchased at a time. Please contact us for details.

Purchase an event we have filmed, or pre-order a future event:

Recruiting has never been better

  • We know the pain of attending tournaments and not being able to evaluate a good volume of prospects.
  • Spend valuable time with key recruits while tracking progress of other prospects
  • Evaluate hundreds of prospects per year from your office and focus on the most valuable to you when attending the tournaments.

We track every touch (every single one), in every rotation

  • Built for volleyball and that pays back
  • We tag the video for organizers and participants
  • Our analysts record every serve, pass, set, attack and all other touches
  • Each touch is accurately synchronized with video
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Receive matches from your prospects

  • Receive video from any club player on our system
  • Matches are fully analyzed
  • Free access to analysis through August 1st

See whatever you want

  • Pinpoint specific events with our super in-depth filter
  • Example: an outside hitter's left side swings
  • See them in any rotation, set, whether it's a kill or error, and more

Plus, enjoy all of our features

  • Out of the box, we give you the right things to look at.
  • Access basic and advanced statistics