Marv Dunphy
Head Coach, Pepperdine Men's Volleyball

Marv Dunphy

Head Coach, Pepperdine

"We're able to coach at a higher level, compete at a higher level and actually recruit at a higher level because it's freed us up. That's not a PR statement, that's reality."


Ray Gooden

Head Coach, NIU

"This is what will take my program to the next level."


Josh Lauer

Associate Head Coach, Georgia Women's Volleyball

"Scouting and prepping for 3-4 matches in less than 24 hours is not why I started coaching volleyball! Thanks again for all you guys are doing to help our team."


Chris McGown

Former Head Coach, BYU Men's Volleyball

"I now have real-time access to advanced metrics that provide a more in-depth, clear picture of how our team is performing."


Marcio Sicoli

Gold Medal Coach, London 2012

"VolleyMetrics makes dealing with video the easiest thing you can imagine."


Danijela Tomic

Head Coach, BGSU

"The service I have been waiting for is finally here."


Scott Wong

Head Coach, Pepperdine Women's Volleyball

"We love VolleyMetrics!"